Rural Accommodations are specialist providers of log cabins and timber chalets, supplying a diverse range of customers for a diverse range of applications with the most diverse range of log cabins. From clubhouses to restaurants, homes in the country to offices in the garden, small schools, second homes, leisure homes, holiday homes, mobile homes and for many customers – home itself.

Rural Accommodations has been trading for over 19 years in the log cabin industry. A family business with family values. The owners, Sue & Dave Winchester, each have over 30 years experience in the leisure industry. Rural Accommodations understands the needs of its customers and the customers have direct contact with Sue & Dave as well as the team of craftsmen that are hand picked for each and every project.

Rural Accommodations provide a complete service that begins long before construction and includes detailed design and planning. Specialist assistance in the development of projects such as farm diversification often begins with the idea itself and Rural Accommodations are always happy to be involved from day one.

At Rural Accommodations quality comes first, although pricing is always competitive it is never as a result of compromise. Build works can be built in accordance with legislation. Because we listen and work with our customers Rural Accommodations are the natural choice.